AT&T Broadband No Contract

The Plan

We searched high and low on the AT&T official website for information on Prepaid Broadband with no contract, but we were unable to find any information on these plans. After searching a bit more, we realized the AT&T Prepaid Broadband is sold through a different website run by AT&T. The plan is called DataConnect Pass and is available for customers in the United States and abroad.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

The pay as you go plans offered with DataConnect Pass on the AT&T Broadband network may only work with AT&T purchased devices. You may have to contact customer service before choosing one of these plans to see if you need to buy an AT&T device to use the no contract broadband option.

  • 250 MB Tablet Plan: The 250 MG Tablet plan gives customers access to the Internet via broadband for one month or 250 MB of usage, whichever comes first. The plan costs $14.99 per month.
  • 3 GB Tablet Plan: This plan is the same as the 250 MB plan, but it includes 3 GB of data usage for one month. The price is $30 a month.
  • 5 GB Tablet Plan: For heavy users, AT&T Broadband offers a $50 per month plan that includes 5 GB of data.
  • 100 MB Computer Plan: For $15 customers can purchase one day of Internet access. This plan is limited to 100 MB of data usage in 24 hours. The plan expires after 24 hours or when 100 MB of data expires.
  • 300 MB Computer Plan: The 300 MB package gives the user one week of coverage for $30. If the data is used up before the week is over, the plan is terminated.
  • 1 GB Computer Plan: If you need a month of data usage, the $50 1 GB month pass for your computer is the only option. Once you’ve used up the data on the plan or the time expires, you need to purchase another plan.

For more information on the plans available from the pay as you go AT&T Broadband service, visit the DataConnect Pass website here:

User Review Summaries

AT&T has generally good reviews from cell phone and broadband customers. The DataConnect Pass uses the same broadband connection offered to cell phone and contract customers. There have been reports of some users experiencing slow load times during the latter days of the month. All DataConnect Pass plans come with free access to AT&T WiFi Hotspots nationwide.

AT&T Broadband Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

Customers interested in learning more about the DataConnect Pass or AT&T Broadband can use the contact information for the main AT&T customer service.

Call AT&T customer service: Call 1-800-901-9878 to learn more about AT&T prepaid plans, including prepaid broadband. The customer service department is open 7 days a week.

Service Coverage

The AT&T Broadband coverage map show coverage throughout the United States. Coverage is stronger closer to big cities, but that is common with all broadband providers. For more information on coverage in your area, visit the DataConnect Pass website.

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