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The Plan

Cox offers Internet services to customers in specific service areas. We could not find any detailed information on contracts, but we did find reference to the fact that Cox Internet is offered on a month-to-month basis and that customers have the ability to cancel service at any time with a written letter to customer service. It is extremely important for you to contact customer service to learn more about contracts and cancellation before ordering Cox Internet service.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

The pricing information for Cox Internet may change frequently. At the time of publication, these pricing schemes were the ones published on the Cox Internet website.

  • Cox Essential Internet: $34.99 per month. Up to 3 MB download speed.
  • Cox Preferred Internet: $49.99 per month. Up to 15 MB download speed.
  • Cox Premier Internet: $62.99 per month. Up to 25 MB download speed.
  • Ultimate Internet: $109.99 per month. Up to 55 MB download speed.

All Internet service plans come with free unlimited usage. The only difference between plans is Internet connection speeds. There are special offers from time to time on Internet packages that reduce the price substantially for up to the first 12 months.

Connection Prices

There are connection prices associated with all Cox Internet packages.

  • Professional Installation: $49.95
  • Self Installation: $19.95 plus shipping.
  • Cable Modem: Up to $79.99.

Users Review Summaries

The biggest customer complaint about Cox Internet is speed and customer service. Internet speeds, though marketed as some of the fastest available anywhere, all say “up to” a certain download speed. This just means the customer can download at speeds up to that level, but often speeds are much slower, according to customers.

Customer service tends to take longer than most customers like to deal with a tech problem and charges are noted for installation services not performed by Cox Internet installers.

Cox Internet Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

For more information on the service available from Cox Internet, customers call, send an email or chat with a representative.

Call customer service: Call customer service at one of the local phone numbers available on the customer service website.

Contact by email: Using the same link to find the customer service phone number, you can email customer service in your area. There is no general contact form – all customers must first choose their home area to view contact information.

Contact by chat: Visit the contact us page and choose the chat option after choosing your service area.

Pay your bill: If you need to make a payment for your Cox Internet bill, visit the MyAccount page from your personal site. Access the MyAccount log-in from

Service Coverage

Visit to learn if you are in the service area for Cox Internet.

7 Comments on “Cox Internet No Contract
  1. I agree, Cox’s prices for internet are too much. If you want a decent speed you pay through the nose. Plus, the last 2-3 times I have called them about trying to get the price down, I have talked with very cocky customer service agents. I really don’t recommend them at all.

    • I know where you coming from Dale. I just got off the phone with a very cocky robotic demanding individual who evidently call themselves Cox representatives. Screw them and their ridiculous internet prices.

  2. It is really ridiculously crazy that COX has been passing all the increased rates to us the Customers.
    Planning on dropping our cable services completely soon. Just too much.

  3. There are SO MANY FEES NOT DISCLOSED HERE!! I have so many issues with cox it is horrid and their customer service is crap (well the supervisors are poor techs working under them are sweet and real people). 1) I was looking for no contract service and was under the impression that I was getting that and called to cancel a phone service I never use and the TV as I have Hulu and Netflixs etc. and their TV flickers between brightness and get distorted sounds frequently as well as the picture pixelizes a lot and it seems to be a common issue. seems they signed me up for a contract for 2 years and I will have to pay $220 to cancel ANYTHING!! I can’t just keep the internet. Plus they lie on what internet service mbps you actually get access to (pay for 100 mbps I get 43). I want to switch so bad but no one really offers anything like 20-50 mbps with out a GB cap and excess fees there is only at&t and cox that serves here.

  4. Well that answers what I was thinking about getting. Not happy with another provider and was hoping for something better. I guess I will pass until they get their act together. Century Link sucks as well. Reported issues and nothing was done.

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