Cricket Broadband

The Plan

Cricket is a well-known no contract cell phone provider, but the company also offers no contract broadband services that supply Internet connection to people in the Cricket coverage area. Mobile broadband services are not as fast as DSL or cable broadband, but they are mobile so customers can take their broadband connection on the go and access the Internet from anywhere within the coverage area. In order to access Cricket Broadband, customers must purchase a Cricket mobile device.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

Cricket offers three mobile access devices, currently. Two are dedicated to providing Internet access to one WiFi enabled device. The other opens a WiFi Hotspot that can be used by multiple devices.

  • $45 Plan: On the $45 Plan from Cricket Broadband, you have access to 2.5 GB of data at the best broadband speed with download speeds up to 1.4 MB/sec. If you exceed the 2.5 GB of data you will not be charged more, but your connection and download speeds will be reduced dramatically.
  • $55 Plan: You have access to double the data at optimal speeds with the $55 plan – up to 5GB. Again, you will not be charged more or lose Internet connection after exceeding the 5 GB, but you will experience reduced connection speeds.
  • $65 Plan: For the heaviest Internet users, the 7.5 GB plan is the best Cricket Broadband has to offer. This plan allows up to 7.5 GB of data per month at top speeds. After using up the 7.5 GB, speeds are reduced.

Customers can read the fine print regarding these plans on the Cricket Broadband Plans portion of the Cricket Mobile website.

User Review Summaries

Users in the Cricket Broadband area are generally happy with the broadband connection service. The plan is more expensive than plans offered by other companies, but other companies disconnect broadband or Internet services if customers exceed data limits. Cricket vows to never disconnect a customer and the plans are offered without a contract.

Cricket Broadband Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

If you want to ask a question about Cricket Broadband, contact the customer service department.

Contact customer service by phone: You can call customer service at 1-800-975-3708.

Contact customer service by chat: At the top of the Cricket Mobile website there is a button for customer service chat. Click that button to talk with a Cricket customer service agent about Cricket Broadband.

Service Coverage

Broadband coverage with Cricket Broadband is limited. Visit the coverage map and enter your address to find out if Cricket Broadband is available in your area. If you are covered under the service area, you could still experience outages while traveling.

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  1. Trying to connect to Cricket Broadband again
    I have been traveling for the last 3 years and was not able to use Cricket and now want to use the unit again
    Had the service in Texas Florida and Arizona and it was great

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