Cricket Prepaid No Contract

The Plan

Cricket Prepaid is a mobile phone provider that offers nationwide coverage without contracts or credit checks. When customers purchase Cricket Prepaid phones they receive free overnight shipping. There is no activation fee associated with Cricket Prepaid. Cricket Prepaid requires customers order phones from Cricket. The phones tend to be more expensive than other prepaid, no contract phone service providers.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

Cricket Prepaid offers mobile plans, smartphone plans and Muve music plans. The plans available for your purchase may depend upon the cell phone you choose to buy from Cricket Prepaid.

  • $35 Mobile Plan: For $35, basic phone users get unlimited talk and text. Long distance, caller ID and voicemail is included with this plan.
  • $45 Mobile Plan: The $45 plan includes the same unlimited talk and text that comes with the $35 plan, but basic phone users also receive unlimited web access. This plan is not available for smartphones.
  • $55 Smartphone Plan: On the $55 Smartphone Plan, Cricket Prepaid customers receive unlimited talk, text and messaging, including international text and messaging. They also receive 1 GB of 3G mobile data usage.
  • $65 Smartphone Plan: The $65 Smartphone plan includes all features of the $55 plan, but users also have unlimited access to Muve songs, ringtones, ringback tones and mobile video.

You can learn more about how to purchase a Cricket Prepaid phone and plan at

User Review Summaries

Customers are generally happy with Cricket Prepaid mobile service. The plans are less expensive than other mainstream contract providers and all plans offer unlimited talk and text. The nationwide coverage appears to be solid. The only recurring complaint we found about Cricket Prepaid was in regards to phone pricing. Cricket is known for having expensive phones compared to other providers. Cricket Prepaid offers basic and Android phones.

Cricket Prepaid Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

Customers can contact the service department by phone or chat with a representative online.

Call customer service: Call 1-800-975-3708 to talk with a customer service representative about your account.

Chat with customer service: Visit the MyCricket website and click on the Chat button at the top of the page.

Top-Up your account: If you need to add more money to your Cricket Prepaid account, you can use the Top-Up page.

Service Coverage

Cricket Prepaid claims to offer nationwide coverage. Users have access to 3G networks, but there is no 4G option with Cricket Prepaid. There are different coverage maps for talk/text and broadband coverage. For more information on Cricket Prepaid coverage in your area, view the Cricket Prepaid coverage map.

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