Family Mobile Internet No Contract

The Plan

Family Mobile Internet is a company in the United Kingdom that offers cell phone and mobile broadband services. Services are provided with no contract so customers can pay for what they use (Pay As You Go). Plans are charged by the pence, not the cent because this is a UK-based mobile plan.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

With Family Mobile Internet there are no extraneous charges. Customers are charged for the services they use and that’s it. Customers must order a phone or SIM from Family Mobile to use the service. Phones are available from HTC, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

Pay As You Go: The Pay As You Go plan from Family Mobile Internet is simple. After receiving and activating your handset or SIM card, you can add money to your account through the My Account page. You will then pay 8 pence per minute for calls within the UK and 4 pence per text message. You can sign up for the Auto Top-Up plan that adds money to your phone if your balance falls below a certain amount.

Mobile Internet: Data users are charged 20 pence per MB of data. Charges are rounded to the nearest KB when deducted from your account. Find out more about the Mobile Internet service here:

If you don’t use your phone, you will not be charged for use. There is no contract and no minimum charge to maintain service – which we can find on the website. Visit the pricing page for more information on Family Mobile Internet plans.

Users Review Summaries

We found no customer complaints about the Family Mobile Internet company. We assume there are customers that find the service too expensive and those who complain about customer service or faulty handsets and SIM cards, as is the case with all no contract companies. But as far as we can tell, customers are happy with their Family Mobile Internet service.

Family Mobile Internet Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

Call customer service from your phone: Dial 4352 from your Family Mobile Internet phone.

Call customer service from a landline phone: Call 0800 112 4530 to contact customer service from a phone other than your Family Mobile Internet device.

Email customer service: Send your customer service email to

Automatic Top-Up: If you never want to be without minutes or texts again, choose the Automatic Top-Up service. The threshold for automatic top-up is 3 pounds. Once your account falls below that amount, your credit card will be charged to bring your account back to a pre-determined monetary level.

Service Coverage

Service for Family Mobile Internet is provided by T-Mobile UK. Visit the service coverage map to find out if your area is covered.

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