Firefly Mobile No Contract

The Plan

Firefly Mobile is a kid’s cell phone provider that offers no contract coverage for kids. The coverage is based on either Firefly Mobile phones or a SIM card you can purchase for an unlocked phone you already own. Phones start at $49.99 and calling plans start at just $5 per month.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

There are three plans offered by Firefly Mobile. Each plan is designed to offer customers everything they need for their specific calling situation.

  • Pay as You Go: You can add funds to your Firefly Mobile account in several denominations. The calling rate is 15 cents a minute on the Pay As You Go plan. All funds expire within 30 days of adding to your phone unless otherwise noted.
  • $10: 67 Minutes
  • $15: 100 Minutes
  • $21.75: 145 Minutes (45 days)
  • $29.99: 166 Minutes (90 days)
  • $65: Unlimited
  • Extend $5: 10 Free minutes and 30 day’s extension on service

Learn more about coverage, plans and phones offered by Firefly Mobile at:

Users Review Summaries

Most of the customer service complaints about Firefly Mobile are in regards to refilling accounts and lost monies due to changing accounts. The automatic refill option does not work when customers need phones to stay on for their children or grand children and changing plans means giving up all the money in your account. With that said, there are parents who enjoy the child-friendly phones from Firefly Mobile and the service that comes with the phones. So customers are on both sides of the fence with this company.

Firefly Mobile Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

You can call customer service to learn more or add funds to your phone, but the customer service lines tend to have long waiting times for service.

Call customer service: Contact the customer service department Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM EST or Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM EST at 1-800-347-3359.

Email customer service: There is no email address listed on the Firefly Mobile website, but customers can send a help desk ticket via the online contact form.

Visit the FAQ section: If you have a question there is a good chance someone has already asked the question and received an answer. Visit the Firefly Mobile FAQs section for answers to common questions.

Service Coverage

The service area for Firefly Mobile is extensive, but only for people living in the central or eastern United States. The west coast is laden with splotchy coverage, at best. The coverage map is located on the Plans and Service page.

Coverage for Firefly Mobile cell phones is provided by a major cell phone provider, though the company only refers to that provider as offering “America’s best cellular network.”

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  1. i send my phone for repair in firefly branch in limketkai Cagayan De Oro City…its been three months when they update and they want me to pay the charge for my phone. yet i have read so mainy complaint about their phones..i wasn’t sure if they will send me back my phone when i pay this charge in thier BDO account.its holding me back.that phone has sentimental value…i want it back..

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