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The Plan

Great Call provides the Jitterbug cell phone, known as the cell phone for elderly customers who just need talk functionality and nothing more. However, the company also offers other cell phones and cell phone apps to make it easier to contact the Urgent Response team called 5Star Responder.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

Calling Plans

  • Basic 14: $14.99 per month with 50 anytime minutes. Minutes are carried for 60 days before they expire.
  • Basic 19: $19.99 for 100 anytime minutes. Minutes are carried for 60 days before they expire.
  • Premium: 400 anytime minutes with unlimited calling from 7 PM to 6 AM daily. Minutes are carried for 60 days. Costs $39.99 per month.
  • Simply Unlimited: Unlimited minutes, unlimited nights and weekends and unlimited text messages for $79.99 per month.

Text Plans

  • Basic Text: Customers are charged 10 cents per text. No monthly fee.
  • Premium Text: $5 per 300 text messages.
  • Unlimited: Only available as part of the Simply Unlimited plan. No additional charge.

For more information on the details of each plan and the limitations of Jitterbug and Great Call services, visit:

Users Review Summaries

Customers are not thrilled with some of the decisions made by customer service. There are reports that wait times are long and that the customer service department will not refund minutes or funds left on the phone if the customer is deceased. Some customers looking to find out more about Jitterbug and Great Call are turned away from the company due to the same complaints being voiced over and over again.

Great Call Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

Customer service contact information is not easy to find on the Jitterbug website. The website is actually quite difficult to navigate in general, which is not ideal for a website aimed at the elderly customer.

Call customer service: If you have a question about the Great Call service or Jitterbug, call 1-800-733-6632.

Send a letter to customer service:

12680 High Bluff Drive
Ste 310
San Diego, CA 92130

Email customer service: You have to use the contact form on the Great call website to contact customer service.

Add minutes/funds: If you need to add minutes or funds to your account, visit the Add-On Minutes portion of the website. Added minutes are kept for 12 months from the time of purchase.

Service Coverage

If you want to purchase a Jitterbug or service from Great Call, you’ll need to check the coverage map to make sure you live in an area that receives service for the phone. According to the service coverage map, customers get great service in most of the United States, though there are some places on the west coast without any coverage at all. Great Call does not own a network of cell towers; it uses other company’s towers, but there is no mention of the company.

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