H20 Broandband No Contract

The Plan

H20 Wireless now offers no contract broadband services. Customers buy airtime cards for daily, weekly or monthly Internet connections. Customers must purchase the $100 dongle to access the Internet via H20 Broadband. After paying for the dongle, access plans must be purchased separately. The dongle provides Internet access for just one device, the major downfall of H20 Broadband.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

There are four plans to choose from when picking H20 Broadband as your wireless provider on the go.

$15 per day: This plan offers one day of Internet connection for just $15. You can browse the Internet for about 5 hours. You receive 100 MB of data included with this package.

$30 per week: Need mobile Internet for just a week? The $30 plan gives you one week of 3G Internet access with up to 300 MB of data. After one week, your remaining MBs are erased.

$50 per month: For active users that need more data or more time online, the $50 plan is best. You receive 1 GB of data to be used within 30 days. That is enough data to browse the Internet for about 50 hours.

International plan: For just $30 you can browse the web in certain countries. There are currently 120 supported countries to choose from. You get 10 MB of data.

Users Review Summaries

We didn’t find any complaints from H20 users in the United States. There were some complaints about Internet connection when the plan was used overseas – particularly in Australia, but even those complaints were minimal. Customers in the United States appear to be happy with their H20 Broadband service. It is important to note that the broadband division of H20 Wireless is a relatively new, which means there may not have been enough time for customers to use the service and report complaints.

H20 Broadband Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

If you want to learn more about H20 Broadband or H20 Wireless, contact customer service. You may find additional contact information for H20 Wireless and H20 Broadband if you log in to your online account.

By Phone: Simply dial 1-800-643-4926 to learn more about H20 Broadband.

Talk with customer service online: If you visit the H20 Wireless website you can chat with a customer service representative. The Chat link is at the top of the page.

Send an email: We did not find an email address for customers or potential customers to use, but we did find a contact form.

Service Coverage

Service coverage for H20 Broadband is the same as service for wireless customers. Visit the coverage map to learn if your location is in the service area.

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