Net10 Prepaid

The Plan

Net10 Prepaid is a wireless provider that offers no contract cell phone coverage with data, talk and text packages. Customers are required to purchase phones from Net10, but there is no credit check required to make a purchase. Plans are offered for both short-term and long-term coverage. Net10 Prepaid is owned and operated by TracFone wireless, so some of the packages available from Net10 may also be available from TracFone.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

Net10 offers airtime plans for customers with either carryover or no carryover options.

  • Unlimited 30-Day Monthly Plan: For $50 customers can purchase unlimited talk, text and web packages.
  • 750 Minutes 30-Day Monthly Plan: For just $25, customers can purchase 30 days of coverage with 750 minutes, text messaging and web access. This plan does not state whether text messaging and web are unlimited.
  • 900 Minutes and 90 Days: The 900 minutes / 90 days plan offers customers 900 talk minutes that rollover each month for 90 days. After the 90 days, another package needs to be purchased to maintain coverage. This plan sells for $60.
  • 600 Minutes and 60 Days: For just $45, Net10 prepaid customers can purchase a 60-day plan with 600 minutes. At the end of 30 days, the purchased minutes rollover to the next month.
  • 300 Minutes and 60 Days: This plan is the same as the 600 Minute rollover plan, but customers have access to 300 minutes instead of 600 minutes. This plan costs just $30.
  • 200 Minutes and 30 Days: For $20 customers get 30 days of service and 200 minutes with rollover.
  • 1500 Minutes and 180 Days: If you purchase your plan online, you can choose the 1500-minute plan. This plan provides service coverage for 6 months, or 180 days.

You can purchase Net10 Prepaid plans at

User Review Summaries

Net10 used to offer just one rate plan – 10 cents per minute. Customers were extremely unhappy with this offering, especially because all calls were charged at the same rate even if they were made at night or on weekends. Net10 Prepaid has recently changed that to offer multiple rate plans, including an unlimited plan. However, test messaging and web usage is charged by the minute, which is deducted from your total talk minutes available on the account. If a user browses the web for 30 minutes a day, that adds up to 900 minutes per month – not included text messages and talk time used.

Net10 Prepaid Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

Contact by phone: 1-877-TEN-CENT (1-877-836-2368)

Contact by mail:

Net10 Wireless
9700 N.W. 112th Ave
Miami, FL 33178

Contact by email: Use the Email Us form on the contact page to send a message to customer service.

Access your account online and purchase airtime: You can access your Net10 Account online at

Service Coverage

Service coverage for Net10 phones is available throughout the United States. Net10 Prepaid does not have towers dedicated to the company. Instead, Net10 uses the towers located in your area provided by other companies to provide service.

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  1. The 90 day 900 Plan:
    Does it include texting and internet?
    Can one use his own smart phone?
    Does rolls over on this plan mean that if you use only
    600 minutes in a month you bank 300 minutes?

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