No Contract Android Phone

The Plan

No contract Android cell phones are all the rage. The Android operating system, a Google product, is one that rivals the iPhone thrill that hit the market when the iPhone was first released. Luckily, no contract cell phone companies didn’t wait too long to introduce a multitude of no contract Android phones and plans for everything from talk and text to unlimited data. Android phones are data heavy, at times, so customers should look for an unlimited no contract Android plan to ensure they can stream, download and watch videos to their heart’s content. All no contract Android phones come with the ability to turn off packet data so you can reduce your data usage at home where you can use WiFi in place of data.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

When choosing a no contract Android plan, you have several main stream companies to choose from.

Virgin Mobile: Virgin Mobile offers no contract Android phones from Motorola, Samsung, LG and HTC.

Verizon: Verizon Mobile offers a multitude of no contract Android phones, including Droid from Motorola and phones from LG and Sony Ericsson.

T-Mobile: T-Mobile is one of those companies that offer phones created just for the T-Mobile service. Other Android devices offered with no contract include phones from Samsung and LG.

AT&T: The Prepaid side of AT&T is called GoPhone. There are GoPhone phones available from AT&T, Sharp, Pantech and Samsung – including the popular Samsung Captivate.

User Review Summaries

Users are generally happy with no contract Android phones. Customer service issues come up for all companies offering prepaid services. The most common complaints refer to poor service and incorrect billing practices. These complaints vary by company, but often appear across all cell phone companies, including the contract side of the business.

Android phones come with a unique set of complaints. Upgrades from one operating system to a newer system are not available from all phones. The Samsung Captivate, for instance, was sold with the Froyo operating system, but can be upgraded to Gingerbread. The Samsung Infuse, however, was also sold with the Froyo operating system, but no upgrade is available at this time. Phone type and service carrier will often determine when updates to new operating systems are available.

No Contract Android Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

In order to learn more about no contract Android phones, visit the website lined above for the provider in your area. There are other providers that sell no contract Android phones, so talk a look through our no contract articles to find out more about available plans.

Service Coverage

Service coverage will depend on the provider you choose for your no contract Android service.

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