No Contract iPhone

The Plan

Finding a no contract iPhone may be a bit harder than finding other no contract cell phones. Currently, the big three – Verizon, AT&T and Sprint all carry the iPhone but none carry the phone with a no-contract option. However, there are SIM card companies out there willing to provide a SIM card for your unlocked iPhone.

An unlocked iPhone has been hacked to allow any SIM card. You want to make sure you choose a SIM-compatible iPhone or you won’t be able to insert a SIM card. Once you’ve purchased the phone, you need to find a no contract SIM company that works with iPhone.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

Your no contract iPhone is a data hog, so you’ll need to choose the heaviest data plan the no contract cell provider offers.

H20 Wireless: H20 Wireless will work with you to configure your iPhone to use the SIM card provided by the company. You’ll need to choose the $60 per month plan with 1 GB of data.

TruPhone: TruPhone is another SIM company that offers a SIM card for any unlocked phone. This SIM company is not your best option for a no contract iPhone because you must ay for data by the MB. Currently, that rate is 17 cents per MB.

Simple Mobile: Simple Mobile is another company that offers SIM-only no contract plans for iPhone. You’ll need the $60 plan to keep up with iPhone data usage.

User Review Summaries

No contract iPhone plans are relatively new, so there is no customer response just yet. The problems we foresee are customers choosing plans with lower data coverage and maxing out the plans before the month is up. No contract iPhones are notorious for using lots of data, so an unlimited plan is crucial. Another problem is pricing. Finding an iPhone that is unlocked can mean spending up to $700 just for a phone.

No Contract iPhone Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

You’ll need to choose one of the companies above to find out more about no contract iPhone plans. Additional plans may be available in the future from Verizon, Sprint and AT&T – the big three iPhone companies, but as of this time none of the three are offering no contract iPhone plans.

Service Coverage

Your service coverage will depend on the no contract iPhone provider you choose. Most SIM card providers offer service on major cell networks. For instance, the Sprint Network works with several no contract companies. Those companies use Sprint towers and Sprint makes money on the deal. It is common for SIM dealers to advertise web speeds “up to” a certain speed. Just remember that all speeds below that mark are also included – so you will likely be browsing at lower speeds.

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