No Contract Motorola Phone

The Plan

Motorola is one of those cell phone companies that just keeps offering newer and more exciting phones. The newest and most spectacular of all Motorola devices is the Droid series offered by Verizon. Many no contract Motorola customers were thrilled to find out Droid was being offered without a contract on the Verizon network, but there are other companies offering cool no contract Motorola phones.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

Verizon is the king of the no contract Motorola phones right now, but that could change in the blink of an eye.

Verizon: The Droid is the father of all no contract Motorola phones. Some of the Droid phones offered by Verizon are the Droid X2 and Droid 3.

Net10: Net10 is another no contract Motorola company that offers older phones on the no contract plans. Some of the phones offered include the Motorola W408G, Motorola EX124G and Motorola V171.

Boost Mobile: Boost is a popular no contract Motorola company, but the number of Motorola phones they offer is not as exciting as the service. Phones offered by the company include Motorola Theory, Motorola Clutch and Motorola i296.

Virgin Mobile: Virgin Mobile offers premium phones on their no contract Motorola plans. Premium phones include the Motorola Triumph.

User Review Summaries

No contract Motorola phones are generally well received by customers. As is the case with most no contract cell phone companies, service, dropped calls and incorrect billing are the three worst complaints. It does not generally matter what cell phone manufacturer is behind the phone because the complaints are generally in regards to the service only.

No Contract Motorola Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

Contact the company you wish to start service with to find out more about the no contract Motorola phones they offer. In some cases, phones will change on a weekly or monthly basis, so you’ll need to check back often. There is also a chance a company that does not offer no contract Motorola phones will eventually offer a phone from Motorola.

Service Coverage

Service coverage for most no contract Motorola companies is based on one of the mobile networks offered by a major cell phone network provider. While service is carried over the same network as contracted plans, there may be a difference in coverage. Cell phone companies can reduce speeds and change connection types based on individual line and that means your no contract Motorola may not work as well as your friends contract Motorola.

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