No Contract Samsung Phone

The Plan

There are literally hundreds of no contract Samsung phones on the market and most have quite the good reputation. Depending on the cell phone provider you choose, your choice of no contract Samsung will differ widely. For instance, AT&T offers a no contract Samsung Captivate, but Boost Mobile and Verizon do not. Before choosing your provider make sure they carry the phone you want because choosing no contract does not mean you have to skimp on phone selection.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

AT&T: The GoPhone service by AT&T offers multiple no contract Samsung phones, including the Samsung Captivate, Samsung Evergreen and Samsung Solstice II.

Boost Mobile: Don’t want to deal with a major company – choose Boost mobile. Boost offers the Samsung Replenish, Samsung Transform and Samsung Prevail.

T-Mobile: T-Mobile offers basic cell phones in the no contract Samsung line. These include the Samsung t139, Samsung t369 and Samsung Dart.

Verizon Wireless: Verizon Wireless offers just one no contract Samsung phone – the Samsung Gusto.

User Review Summaries

Customer service for no contract Samsung phones is generally good. Samsung has a few new phones, including the Samsung Captivate from AT&T, which gathered rave views. Most often, the customer service problems with no contract lines is not with the phone but with the service provider. Some no contract services are offered as subsets of major service networks. This means the no contract line gets lesser coverage. Prepaid contracts are also notoriously known for having billing difficulties.

No Contract Samsung Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

When you’ve chosen your no contract Samsung provider, you’ll need to contact the company to establish new service. Make sure to read the fine print before starting service, especially if your no contract Samsung requires data to function (as is the case with all Android phones.) Data charges can cause your no contract plan to run out quickly leaving you with overage charges or no service for a portion of the month. Some companies are willing to offer unlimited no contract Samsung plans.

Service Coverage

The service coverage for your no contract Samsung may vary depending on the service provider you choose. Before looking for available phones, choose a provider and check the coverage map. You may be asked to enter your address to focus coverage on a specific area. If coverage is shown on the map that just means coverage is available there most of the time. Coverage maps change regularly and often shift dramatically. If you are is on the edge of a service area, it may be best to choose your no contract Samsung from a different company.

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