PlatinumTel Prepaid No Contract

The Plan

PlatinumTel is a small prepaid wireless company with coverage mainly east of the Mississippi River. There are large portions of the United States left uncovered by PlatinumTel phones, which could be a problem for prepaid customers. PlatinumTel tells customers upfront that signal strength and coverage may vary from that shown on the coverage map at any time. You must purchase a phone from PlatinumTel to sign-up for a prepaid plan.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

The rates and fees for prepaid wireless from PlatinumTel are based on the type of phone you purchase. Smartphones require a data plan or the customer will be charged per MB of data used. This could add up to an extremely high bill in a short period of time. After purchasing your phone, you have four plans to choose from.

  • Real Paygo: On the Paygo plan customers are charged 5 cents per minute to talk, 2 cents per SMS and 10 cents per MB of data used. Customers purchase refills in $10, $20, $30, $50 or $100 denominations. The $10 and $20 plans come with 90 days of service. The $30 and $50 plans come with 180 days of service and the $100 plan comes with one year of service. All plans roll over unused airtime for one year aside from the $100 plan which rolls over indefinitely.
  • Android Unlimited Talk and Text: If you have an Android phone you can purchase unlimited talk and text. The $50 plan comes with 200 MB of data and the $60 plan comes with 1 GB of data. The plan charges customers $2 per day for unlimited talk and text, according to PlatinumTel, but at $2 per day the $50 plan would not cover 30 days.
  • Unlimited Talk and Text: You can sign up for unlimited talk and text with 150 MB of data for just $45 a month.
  • PlatinumTel Hybrid: The Hybrid plan is for customers who don’t talk during peak hours. There are two plans available – $20 and $30. The $20 plan comes with 200 minutes, 200 SMS and 20 MB of data, but only gives the customer 15 days of service per month. The $30 plan comes with 300 minutes, 300 SMS and 30 MB of data for 30 service days.

Read more about the PlatinumTel plans available here:

User Review Summaries

Customer reviews are generally good for PlatinumTel. The company runs on the Sprint Network, so coverage is not a problem in many areas. However, customers do find the phone selection horrible and phones only have a 30 day warranty, so if something goes wrong after those 30 days, the customer is responsible for buying a new phone.

PlatinumTel Prepaid Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

Call customer service: 1-866-225-5631.

Call to Refill or Add Money to Your Account: 1-866-273-3455.

Email customer service: Fill out the customer contact page to send a message to PlatinumTel customer service.

Service Coverage

The service coverage area is identical to the Sprint Network as PlatinumTel Prepaid uses Sprint towers. If you live near a major highway or city, you will have no trouble with talk, text or data, but smaller towns and cities may have intermittent connection problems.

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