Pure Unlimited No Contract Plan

The Plan

Pure Unlimited offers unlimited and Pay As You Go plans for cell phones. Once you purchase your Pure Unlimited phone or SIM card, you will choose the plan that best fits your needs. If you choose a Pay As You Go plan, you will benefit from rollover minutes so you never pay for minutes you’re going to lose. There are only a few phones to choose from with Pure Unlimited and the service area includes GSM coverage only.

Costs, Rates, & Fees

There are six rate plans available from Pure Unlimited. The plans range in price from $7.95 to $42.95, depending on your cell phone needs.

  • $7.95: 3-day unlimited talk & text pass
  • $10: 101 anytime minutes. Text messages are charged as one minute for every three messages.
  • $12.95: 1-week unlimited talk & text pass.
  • $21.49: 2-week unlimited talk & text pass.
  • $25: 353 anytime minutes. Text messages are charged as one minute for every three messages.
  • $42.95: 1-month unlimited talk & text pass.

You can learn more about each plan, including the limitations of coverage and how rollover minutes work on the Pure Unlimited Rate Plan page.

User Review Summaries

We could not find one solitary complaint online about Pure Unlimited. We’re not sure if the company is so small that no one really subscribes to the service or if the service is so good that people have no complaints. Typical complaints involve dropped phones and lack of phone options, when a company is as small as Pure Unlimited – but no such complaints exist.

Pure Unlimited Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

If you need to get in touch with customer service to talk about your Pure Unlimited account or add more minutes to your phone, you can use the following contact information. More information is available online from the Pure Unlimited site here: http://www.pureunlimited.net/

Customer service phone number: Call 1-866-487-2899 between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight, 7 days a week to talk with someone in the customer service department.

Email customer service: You can send an email to the customer service team addressed to support@pureunlimited.net. Do not include personal information like credit card or bank account numbers in your email.

Add minutes to your account: If you need to add more minutes to your Pay As You Go account, visit the Add Minutes page and enter your mobile number to begin.

Service Coverage

The coverage map for Pure Unlimited allows customers to check local coverage with a zip code or an address. Verifying coverage in your area does not mean you’ll have coverage at all times. The best coverage appears to be on the east coast of the United States.

One comment on “Pure Unlimited No Contract Plan
  1. Guess this is the first complaint about this company. I would beware people before thinking about doing business with Pure Unlimited. Here is an email I sent to their company about a recent purchase made by my sister:

    “My sister purchased a phone through your website and received a different one in the mail. After talking with several representatives from your company, it appeared that after clicking the “Order Now” button under the phone you want, the customer has to select the phone they want again to order it. This was a simple mistake on behalf of my sister. What bothers me greatly is the fact that she received no help whatsoever in trying to exchange the phone she wanted for the phone she received. The price is exactly the same and the only thing that was opened was the box the phone was shipped in. There was nothing unreasonable about the request for sending the still unused phone back and receiving the desired one. This is an unethical business practice, especially considering there is no mention of “all sales being final” or “no refunds or exchanges” anywhere on your website. We will be sure to report this to the BBB as well as all social media sites so that other potential customers are aware of your practices before conducting business with you. My sister cancelled her service and will now be going to Boost Mobile where they provide much better customer support.”

    We’re going to have to wait and see if this company gives a crap about its customers or if it’s another one of those that is simply out to get people’s money. Either way, being a brand new customer and this being her very first time dealing with customer support, my sister was extremely dissatisfied with Pure Unlimited. Guess that’s what you can expect from some companies when you’re just trying to save a few bucks.

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