Red Pocket Mobile No Contract

The Plan

Red Pocket Mobile is a no contract cell phone provider that offers a SIM card for your unlocked phone instead of selling you a handset with Red Pocket coverage. You will need to purchase or already own an unlocked cell phone compatible with Red Pocket coverage. Red Pocket is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. There is a complete list of devices compatible with Red Pocket online.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

There are five plans offered by Red Pocket. If you choose the Pay As You Go plan, you will need to use the Refill service to add minutes or money to your account.

  • $19.99/30 days: You receive 250 minutes and 500 texts with this monthly plan.
  • $29.99/30 days: You receive 250 Minutes of talk, unlimited text, 10 MMS and 10 MB data.
  • $39.99/30 days: You receive unlimited talk, unlimited text, unlimited MMS and 10 MB of data. You also get up to 200 international minutes as part of a rollover plan.
  • $49.99/30 days: You receive unlimited talk, unlimited text, unlimited MMS and 250 MB of data. Up to 200 international rollover minutes are included with this plan.
  • $59.99/30 days: You receive unlimited talk, unlimited text, unlimited MMS and 2 GB data. You can also get up to 200 international minutes with rollover.
  • Pay As You Go: The Pay As You Go plan charges a minimum of 10 cents per minute. The amount you pay depends on the card you purchase. Check out the available Red Pocket Mobile Pay As You Go cards.

Users Review Summaries

We didn’t find any complaints about the Red Pocket Mobile service. It may be that so few people use the service or that the service comes with more than enough talk and text (with mobile Internet) to keep customers happy. Typical complaints would include customer service wait times and incorrect billing procedures, but none of these exist for Red Pocket Mobile.

Red Pocket Mobile Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

Customer service is available for new or existing customers. You can contact a representative by phone or chat.

Call customer service from any phone: Simple dial 1-888-993-3888 to contact customer service. Representatives speak English, Spanish, Chinese and Filipino.

Chat with customer service: From the main Red Pocket website chat with customer service using the We Are Here For You link at the bottom of the page.

Service Coverage

The service coverage map show coverage in most of middle and eastern United States, but the west coast coverage leaves a little to be desired. You can check to see if Red Pocket mobile coverage is available in your area from the Buy Now page.

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