Simple Mobile No Contract

The Plan

Simple Mobile is a unique no contract cell phone company that does not sell cell phones. The company lists unlocked cell phones that work with Simple Mobile SIM cards. Customers purchase the Simple Mobile SIM card and a plan and the SIM card is placed in the unlocked cell phone of the customer’s choice. The plans are comparatively priced to other no contract cell phone companies, but consumers are free to choose any unlocked cell phone supported by Simple Mobile, even one they have around the house – so the start-up cost is dramatically less.

Costs, Rates, & Fees

  • $25 / 15 Day Unlimited (Basic): For just $25, Simple Mobile customers offer unlimited talk and text for basic phones. This means the customer cannot use this plan with a smartphone.
  • $40 Unlimited (Basic and Smartphones): The $40 plan is available for both basic and smartphones. Customers have 30 days of service, unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited web at up to 3G speeds.
  • $50 Unlimited Blackberry: All the plan amenities of the $40 plan, but for Blackberry phones.
  • $60 Blazing Unlimited: Everything associated with the $40 plan, but with web access speeds up to 4G.

Customers can also purchase Add-On plans for international long distance, wireless broadband and 4G wireless broadband at

User Review Summaries

We found a few customer service complaints about the Simple Mobile customer service department, but no other complaints were found. Customers appear to be generally happy with service and the coverage area is pretty profound, especially for people living in or around a major city.

Simple Mobile Customer Services & Billing Contact Info

You can contact customer service with any cell phone or billing issues by phone, mail or email. If you are interested in learning more about the Simple Mobile service, these same contacts can be used.

Call customer service: Dial 1-877-878-7908 or *611 from your cell phone to contact customer service.

Mail customer service:

Simple Mobile Corporate Office
PO Box 147
East Irvine, CA 92650-0147

(949) 748-6464

Email customer service: Send email correspondence to

ReUp your account: If you need to add more funds to your SIM, visit the ReUp page to learn about adding money online, by phone and through a local Simple Mobile dealer here:

Service Coverage

There are two different service maps for the 3G and 4G coverage offered by Simple Mobile. The 3G map is pretty extensive with coverage primarily in the eastern United States. The 4G map looks nearly identical to the 3G map.

Customers who want to learn about service coverage in their area can enter a zip code on the map page. The map will zoom in to your area to show available coverage.

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