TracFone Wireless Prepaid

The Plan

TracFone Wireless Prepaid is one of the largest prepaid, no contract cell phone providers in the United States. Phones and refill cards can be purchased at most major retailers and convenience stores. TracFone uses existing towers in your local area for talk, text and Internet usage. Phones are available with lifetime double and triple minutes at the time of purchase.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

The Pay as You Go Plan offers prepaid wireless minutes ranging from 30 minutes per month to 1,500 minutes per year. At any time you can add more minutes to your phone as needed. If your phone purchase came with double or triple minute rewards, you will receive credit for double or triple the minutes purchased on your phone.

  • 30 Minutes / 30 Days: For $9.99 you have access to 30 minutes of talk time for 30 days.
  • 60 Minutes / 90 Days: Your phone is connected for 90 days with 60 available minutes for $19.99.
  • 120 Minutes / 90 Days: You receive 90 days of service with 120 available minutes for $29.99.
  • 200 Minutes / 90 Days: For $39.99 you have 200 minutes and 90 days service.
  • 450 Minutes / 90 Days: For $79.99 you can use up to 450 minutes for 90 days.
  • 400 Minutes / 365 Days: For just $99.99, your cell phone will be active for 365 days with 400 minutes.
  • 800 Minutes / 365 Days / Double Future Minutes: Pay just $119.99 and your phone is active for one year with 800 available minutes. All future airtime purchases are doubled.
  • 1,000 Minutes / 365 Days: Use 1,000 minutes over the course of one year’s service for $159.99.
  • 1,500 Minutes / 365 Days: Need more minutes? At $199.99, your phone is active for one year with 1,500 minutes available.

You can purchase airtime packages for TracFone Wireless Prepaid at Text messages and Internet usage are deducted from total minutes available. Carryover applies to TracFone minutes so customers don’t lose available minutes if they don’t use them during the given coverage period.

User Review Summaries

Customers using TracFone Prepaid Wireless services are generally happy with coverage and pricing, but the customer service department leaves much to be desired. According to some reviews, customer service is only good for refilling minutes on existing accounts. There are reports of incorrect phone replacements, incorrect SIM cards and general lack of customer support.

TracFone Wireless Prepaid Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

Contact by phone: Call 1-800-867-7183 to talk with a customer service representative.

Contact by email: While there is no email address available for customer service, TracFone Wireless Prepaid does offer an email contact form for customers to reach the service department.

Contact by mail: If you’d prefer to contact the service department by mail you can address your concerns to:

TracFone Wireless Inc.
Attention: Executive Resolution Department
9700 N.W. 112th Ave.
Miami, FL 33178

Service Coverage

The TracFone Wireless Prepaid coverage map shows extensive coverage in the eastern United States. There is also coverage in major areas in the western United States. The northwestern United States is the least covered with large areas offering no coverage for TracFones.

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