TruConnect Broadband No Contract

The Plan

TruConnect Broadband is not your average mobile broadband company. This company offers all customers the same rate plan so they are only responsible for using the broadband they need and never pay for more than they use. There is equipment the user must purchase to use the TruConnect Broadband account. The broadband coverage is on a 3G network, so users will not browse the web at lightning fast speeds. This could increase the time it takes to load Internet pages and websites, thus costing more in the long run than 4G broadband plans.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

With TruConnect Broadband, customers must purchase equipment and then activate that equipment with the only plan offered by the company.


  • USB Card: $79 – looks like a USB thumb drive. Connects just your personal device.
  • MiFi: Creates a mobile hotspot for up to 5 computers or connected devices. Remember, the data used by each device is charged to the account.

Rate Plan

The only rate plan offered by TruConnect Broadband costs $4.99 per month and 3.9 cents per MB of data. That means customers using 1 GB per month will need to pay $4.99 plus $39.00 in data charges. That is more than some other companies charge.

Users Review Summaries

There are no customer reviews on the TruConnect Broadband plan, but there are reviews on major news outlets. According to the reviews, the TruConnect Broadband service is ideal for people who need the occasional WiFi connection, but don’t want to be bogged down paying a monthly rate under a contract. The fact that the broadband connection is offered on the Sprint Network means about 97-percent of users are covered.

TruConnect Broadband Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

Customers who want to contact TruConnect Broadband can use the online contact form or the live support option.

Contact online: Visit the Contact Us page to send an email message to TruConnect Broadband customer support. Your message will be tracked as a Ticket.

Contact via Live Support: From the same contact page you can click on the Live Support button in the right hand corner of the Contact Us form. You will be connected with a live representative who can answer your questions.

View FAQs: There is a good chance your question has been asked by someone in the past. Visit the FAQs page for information on TruConnect Broadband service.

Service Coverage

Service coverage is provided on the Sprint Network. There is coverage available across the United States with an average of 97-percent of places having coverage. However, TruConnect Broadband does state that some service areas are not fully covered and that coverage may change from time to time. View the coverage map for more information.

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