US Cellular No Contract

The Plan

US Cellular is in the top 10 cell phone providers in the United States. The company offers standard calling plans with a contract and prepaid plans with no contract. Prepaid no contract plans tend to be more expensive than contract plans, but the customer can cancel service at any time.

Cost, Rates, & Fees

  • Pay as You Go: If you don’t use your cell phone that often, you can choose the Pay as You Go plan from US Cellular Prepaid. You will pay 10 cents for each minute you use the phone and 25 cents for each text message. There is no data included with this plan so you won’t be able to choose the Pay As You Go plan with a smartphone. This plan costs $10 per month in addition to talk and text charges.
  • 200 Minutes – No Data: For $30 a month you can purchase 200 talk minutes and unlimited messaging from US Cellular Prepaid. This plan does not offer data coverage.
  • 450 Minutes – 200 MB Data: If you want to talk, text and surf the web just a little, you can pay $40 a month for this plan. You will be charge overage fees if you use more than the available minutes or data. Messaging is unlimited with this plan.
  • Unlimited Voice and Messaging: Basic unlimited phone service for non-Internet phones can be purchased for just $50 a month.
  • 450 Minutes – 2 GB Data: If you surf more than you talk the $60 a month 2 GB data plan is a good choice.
  • Unlimited – 2 GB: The heftiest plan offered by US Cellular Prepaid is the Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Messaging, 2 GB Data plan. For $70 a month, this plan covers everything a smartphone user could need.

User Review Summaries

Customer service for US Cellular is the major downfall of the company. Customer complaints claim US Cellular charges exorbitant fees and overage charges. There are many cases where customers have requested changes from one plan to another and the customer service representative made an error that cost the customer hundreds of dollars and eventually lead to the service being disconnected.

US Cellular Prepaid Customer Service & Billing Contact Info

Contact US Cellular Customer service by phone: Call 1-888-944-9400 or dial *611 from your US Cellular phone.

Contact customer service by email: There is no email address to use for personal contact, but customers can fill out the form to Contact Customer Care.

Service Coverage

Coverage maps for US Cellular Prepaid Wireless show extensive coverage throughout the United States. Some areas in and around large cities even offer 4G LTE. If you are interested in learning more about the call coverage in your area you can visit the Interactive Map.

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